chizuru.bis aka CHIZURU OHMAE - "Royal Folks" [7inch Vinyl EP]

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chizuru.bis aka CHIZURU OHMAE - "Royal Folks"
[7inch Vinyl EP]


sideA : Royal Folks

Piano, E.piano, Vocals : chizuru.bis

Synthesizer and Vocals : SATO

Bass : 岩橋真平from スーパーノア

Recorded and Mixed and Mastered by 小泉大輔 at music studio SIMPO

Produced by SATO from VIVA SHERRY


sideB : Royal Folks - Bello Remix

Remix by Bello (Chikashi Yoshida& Yoku) aka A Hundred Birds

Big Thankful Musicians:
Drums & Percussios (Sample from 野蛮人 album) :
Takanori Murakami, Isao Wasano, Red-B, Taro Kishioka and Katsuhiro Idomoto

Bass : Katsuki Nakajima

Violins : Sukeyuki Iwatani


Art work by chizuru.bis and Masato Tokumaru

MV Masato Tokumaru


Welcome Dear old Newdays just please follow us
River carries an ark to the Nore with roses
In my pocket there’s the moon of young Elizabeth
Any scene the pieces of puzzled feel A piece of Jazz


Hello to everyone in the world

This is the first work I produced
It is the original song of CHIZURU OHMAE, my respected pianist🎹
Her received the news that the 🇬🇧has left the EU ,it is a song that she made and imaged. The title is "Royal Folks".

I cut out the phrases of her piano play and joined them . And I asked her to play again the long phrase that I made . And we made it fun and exciting so that it would not be a boring instrumental song.We made lyrics to the theme melody and sang with .
Also, we sampled and used one drum phrase from Led Zeppelin! John Bonham's snare drum hits and Robert Plant's voice are therehow is it? Is not it a good feeling?

This work has become a vinyl record of 7 inches. This is recorded on the A side, and Remix by Bello (Chikashi Yoshida & Yoku) aka A Hundred Birds is recorded on the B side. Because it can not be shipped overseas for limited sale, please watch this MV by Masato Tokumaru.
You are sure to be captivated by her

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